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2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee LED License Plate Lamp Both Sides Genuine

$ 29.87

This is a Special Order Part. Most special order parts ship from our warehouse within 48 hours or less. Please account for this extra time in addition to normal transit times.

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3 Year


Genuine Part

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Texas, USA

Part Details and Fitment

Factory New LED License Plate Lamps Left and Right Is A Direct Fit For The Following

2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee (may fit other years, but we have not verified this)

Price Includes 2 lights (1 Left and 1 Right).

These have 2 pin electrical connections. It will not work for vehicles that have 1 pin. (1 Pin is extremely uncommon)

When you receive your shipment, you will receive 2 similar looking lights. Be aware that there is a right and a left light. Some of our customers have gotten confused and thought that the lights did not fit because they were putting the wrong light on the wrong side. Check the markings closely on the lights when you get them to see which is the right and which is the left. The driver side is the left side and the passenger side is the right side.

Don't let the dealer tell you these are no longer available or quote you a ridiculous price. you can still get them here for a great price!

Installation is super easy and most customers have these installed in 5 minutes or less!

Important Note. Due to the extreme demand and the electrical nature of These lamps, they are non-returnable.


The Original Problem:


After a few years of wear and tear, and climate changes the part to begins to break down structurally.  Heat is one of the main factors of automotive issues. As you may notice, automotive problems seem to be more common in the summer months or in warmer climates.


Our Solution


Our Genuine Part is brand new and has all the latest updates. The part is designed to never fail again. Of course, nothing is perfect, so we back it up with our industry leading warranty in case something does go wrong. This part is made by the same company that made your vehicle, so you know it will be a 100% perfect fit every time, and the quality will be spot on.


Avoid the hassles of aftermarket, and cheap imitation parts. Our Parts just fit right, and just work right every time.




Many of our customers are reporting an install time of around 20 minutes or less. This is really easy to install.  If an installation video is available, you will find it here on this page. We are adding new videos all the time so check back later.


Does it fit my ________???


Our Parts are heavily researched and tested. They only fit what we say they will. Many parts look the same, but in reality, are very different. Please do not purchase if your exact vehicle configuration is not listed, we can promise you it will not fit.

3 Year Warranty

This part is covered y our industry leading 3 Year No Hassle Warranty.


Quality Information

Genuine Part. This part is the exact same part sold at the new car dealership, and includes the same quality and same features for an amazing price.


This part is packaged In Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.

Product Condition

Brand New, Packaging has not been opened.

Production Date:

All parts we sell are factory fresh, are produced less than 1 year ago. Our parts have an average production date of 3 months ago or less.

Hardware and Instructions

This part does not Include hardware or instructions.


Our Customers are reporting an average install time of 20 minutes or less. Install time can vary with individual technical skills.

Part Source

This part is sourced from the USA. (Products are made worldwide, however sourcing from the USA ensures against counterfeits).

Drive With Confidence.

We only sell 100% Genuine Parts. No Chinese Knockoffs, No recalled parts, No Junk!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
Installation time : Less than 5 minutes
Tools Required: Common Household Tools
Part Quality: Excellent Quality

About a Quarter of the price the dealer wanted. They would only sell with the wiring harness and all I needed was the bulbs.



Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
Installation time : Less than 5 minutes
Tools Required: Common Household Tools
Part Quality: Excellent Quality

2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee LED License Plate Lamp Both Sides Genuine


Very easy to look up vehicle information and parts kn website. Checking out was also a breeze!
I got text message updates on tracking information which I liked alot!
Quality of the parts is exactly what I expected and the picture shown above. And the best part is it was totally affordable!!

Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
Installation time : 6-10 Minutes
Tools Required: Common Household Tools
Part Quality: Excellent Quality
License Plate Lights for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

I found out my license plates light were burnt out while getting my oil changed, so I stopped at an auto parts store to find out they don't care the type of bulb needed. So, I stopped by the dealership and they tried to tell me I needed to buy the wiring harness along with the new lights, which was about $200 in parts and another $200 in labor to install. After doing some research, I was lucky to find this website which did a great job explaining I didn't need to buy both the harness and lights, as well as helped me verify these would fit my make/model. Based on the price, I figured I would purchase and even if they didn't fit it would be worth the chance of them not being the right size. The shipping and communication throughout the process was excellent, and come to find out they did fit and work great. I did have some trouble getting them to fit into both sides of my license plate, but I just needed to spin the wires 180 degrees and they snapped and locked in perfectly. I would recommend anyone in a similar predicament to try these out, I'm guessing they'll work perfectly!