Porch Pirate Policies and Information

We work hard to get your package to you on time and damage free. 

However there are porch pirates in many neighborhoods ready to take what does not belong to them. 

What is a porch pirate?

A porch pirate is and individual or group of individuals, that roam neighborhoods looking to steal packages from your doorstep or mail box. These pirates have no regard for your money or safety and just look for easy targets to steal from.

How can you help to prevent theft?

There are several things you can do to prevent theft:

  • If you are home, leave a note on your door for the carrier to ring the bell and knock loudly. This way you can be sure to get the package as soon as it is delivered.
  • If you are at work, Have the package delivered to you at work. We do not require the package to be delivered to the credit card billing address, so shipping to your work is an ideal option.
  • have the package delivered to a friend or neighbor that is home during the day. 
  • Use a lock box, these are readily available to order online.

Our Polices on porch and mail theft. 

We take great pride in our fast shipping and quality damage free packaging. We will provide you will 100% support during shipping and transit up until the package has been marked as "delivered" by the carrier. 

Once the package has been marked as delivered, this means your package was safely delivered to the area (Porch, Mailbox, Etc..) of your home or business.

If the the package has been delivered, and then goes missing, this will be something that you can contact your local police and homeowners/ renters insurance about. 

We do not replace or refund any item that has been marked as delivered by the carrier. 

We do realize that you may still need the part, so we will work with you for a discounted price on a replacement item if needed. 


What to do if you suspect porch or mailbox theft.

Note if you suspect theft call your local police and file a Police Report Immediately. Porch and Mailbox theft is a growing problem, and the more police are alerted the more vigilant the police can be in your neighborhood.


Step 1.  Call or Visit your local post office. Ask to speak to the postmaster and no one else. The postmaster can see the exact GPS coordinates of where the package was delivered and scanned. If there was a mistake, they will attempt to go back and get the package. Speaking to anyone other than the postmaster will not help, as most do not have access to this feature.


This almost always solves the problem of mis-delivery. And you will get your package by the next day in most cases.


Step 2 (once you have verified the package was delivered to the correct location) Check your surveillance cameras if you have them, then File a police report for porch theft. If the theft was from your mailbox you will want to contact the US postal inspection service at https://emailus.usps.com/emailUs/iq/usps/request.do?forward=emailUs and the local police.

Every Report helps, these porch pirates do get caught!