About Our Pricing

Genuine Parts at Fair Prices Delivered on Time.

It's a simple Fact, and you have heard it for years "you get what you pay for".

Since we started in 2006 Our Prices have never been the absolute lowest online, and we have never claimed them to be. Our Pricing is However Fair, and will always be cheaper than the pricing from your local new car dealer.

A lot goes into a price, so before you buy at the lowest price from a retailer with a less than stellar reputation, consider what we have to offer, and the benefits you get when you buy from us. Peace of mind is priceless.


We Sell Only Genuine Parts. 

everything we sell is Genuine and is made for your car, by the same company who created it. Our parts are not from China, and are not counterfeit, or unsafe. (Yes there really is such as thing as counterfeit parts, and China has gotten quite Good at it).

Fast Shipping. Delivered on time.

 We ship fast, The same day if ordered before noon on a business day.  Our average Delivery time is 2.2 Days, and we price our shipping fairly, no low price with inflated shipping charge games here. 

We stock what we sell. 

98% of our parts are in stock and ready to ship now from our warehouse in Texas. No Drop Shipping, Backorders, Excuses or Delays. The Cheap guys Don't even have a warehouse, they work form home drop shipping from China or unreliable suppliers.

3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. 

Everything we sell is backed by our 3 year warranty. Even Most New car dealers only offer a 1 year warranty, and limit the warranty to a certain number of miles. All warranties are handled through us, no back and forth between middlemen and car manufacturers.

  Awesome Service. 

Our Reviews Speak for themselves. Search us out on google, or go right to the reviews HERE We take care of our customers, before and after the sale. 

No dealership involvement. 

You want to buy a part to fix your car. The dealership just wants to sell you a new car, they have no interest in selling parts, and they treat you accordingly. We are a family owned business, we have no direct ties to any new car dealership, so you can be assured we actually care about you, not just your money. 

Our Prices will never be the absolute lowest, It's not possible to provide a quality experience at the lowest price,  but will be fair, and you will be taken care of.